Hall of Fame Committee

Chairperson, Vicki Winston
email Vicki

Ron Deckard – FL
Joan Elmore – TN
Mark Seibold – IN/FL
Gary Roberts – OH
Mel Yockstick – CO
Stuart Sipma – ND
Jerry Smith – OH
Paul Stewart – NC
Ron Weiss – PA
Walter Ray Williams Jr. – FL
Stan Griggs  –  MO
Amy Francis – OH
Rick Bermingham – CA
Jerry LaBrosse – MN

The Hall of Fame Committee consists of fifteen (15) voting members. Voting takes place early in the calendar year.

1. Prior to the annual voting, the committee chairman will provide all committee members with a list of nominees, a ballot and a copy of all nominations and updates that have been
received since the previous year. A deadline will be set for the return of voted ballots.
2. Ballots will contain 5 lines per category, with point values of 8, 5, 3, 2 and 1 respectively. Committee members may vote for as many as 5 candidates in each category, but are not
obligated to fill all 5 lines on the ballot if they feel there are not 5 worthy candidates listed in a given category. Only one name can be entered per point value.
3. Committee members must abstain from voting in a category in which their own name or that of a family member has been placed in nomination. It will be the responsibility of the
committee chairman to determine the closeness of family ties and whether or not a committee member should be allowed to vote for a relative.
4. A candidate must receive at least 20% of the maximum points available in their category to be considered elected on the first ballot. If a committee member is required to abstain from
voting in a category, the maximum points available total will be adjusted because votes from that member are not available.
5. If no one is elected from a category for two consecutive years, the chairman will prepare and mail a second ballot listing only the five candidates who received the most votes in each
category that is involved. Only the candidate receiving the highest number of votes in a category on a second ballot will be considered elected, regardless of the vote totals.
6. Voting procedures will be the same for all categories.
7. The chairman will be allowed to vote and will send a copy of his/her ballot to the NHPA President before opening any ballots that have been returned.
8. Upon completion of the voting, the chairman will send a copy of the tally sheet for each category to every committee member so they can see the voting results and also use the tally sheets for future reference. 

Nominations to the NHPA Hall of Fame may be made by an individual NHPA member or NHPA Sanctioned Club. Please use the Nomination Form that can be found on the Hall of Fame menu of this site. All nominees must have been active NHPA adult members for at least 10 years.


PLAYER – (a) A player who has won a World Championship at least 2 times, or (b) a player who has averaged at least 75% and/or finished in the top 5 of one or more W.T. Championship Division finals at least 4 times, or (c) a player who has pitched in at least 8 World Championship Division finals of any combination of divisions and averaged at least 70% for those events.

PROMOTER/ORGANIZER – A person who has administered, promoted and/or organized horseshoe pitching activities for at least 8 years for the benefit of NHPA members at the national or regional level.

HISTORIC ERA PLAYER – A person with similar qualifications as in the Player category and who last pitched in a W.T. Championship Division finals at least 30 years prior to the year of nomination.

All nominations will be reviewed by the HOF Screening Committee before candidates are placed on the ballot. Any nomination found not to be acceptable will be returned to the sender.

NHPA Hall of Fame Location

100 Bluestem Way
Wentzville, MO 63385