About the National Horseshoe Pitching Association


(Why pitch organized horseshoes?)

A Family Sport
Horseshoe pitching boasts of being one of the few sports that has a national champion for men, women, boys and girls and can still be played in one’s backyard. It can be played by one or more and by the young as well as the old.

Physical Fitness
In this day of weight-watching, what better way to exercise than walking, bending and reaching? These are integral parts of this great sport. Game-related injuries are rare, and doctors have repeatedly stressed the beneficial aspects of this sport.

Join the Millions of Participants
It was recently estimated that upwards of fifteen (15) million enthusiasts enjoy pitching horseshoes in the United States and Canada, in tournaments, leagues, recreation areas and backyards. What sport offers so much for so little?

Sports Origin
The origin of this sport goes back to the days of the Roman Empire. Roman soldiers pitched horseshoes discarded from the horses used to drive their chariots.
Soldiers in the American Revolutionary War pitched horseshoes for recreation on the Boston Common. The Duke of Wellington in history said that the war was won by the pitchers of the steel (horseshoes).

An International Sport
The sport has been introduced in South Africa, Italy, Japan, Grand Bahama Islands, Togo, West Africa, Australia, New Zealand, West Germany, Nigeria, Honduras, Canada, South America, Israel, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Phillipine Islands, England, Sweden, Finland and Russia.