Calculating Ringer Averages

A contestant’s game and tournament ringer percentage shall be determined by dividing the total number of ringers by the total number of shoes pitched. Shoes pitched in playoff games and in extra innings pitched, because of tie games, shall be included in these totals.

The above method for calculating ringer averages applies to individual games as well as an individual’s complete tournament average for all games pitched. Note: In the event a pitcher played in more than one class in the same tournament, as a contestant, a single tournament average must be based on the totals of all ringers and shoes pitched.

Tournament lineups seed pitchers according to their official “3-high” ringer average which is based on the three highest NHPA sanctioned tournaments pitched in the preceding 12 months or the last ten tournaments during the same period, whichever occurs first (See NHPA Rule 11, Sec. D).

NHPA national statistics center (NATSTATS) maintains the official records on all sanctioned tournament results and publishes NATSTATS 3-HIGH AVERAGES reports. Send stamped, self addressed envelope to Wayne Callicoatte NATSTATS, 5110 Huepers St Alvin TX, 77511 and enclose your name and NHPA membership card number for your current personal stats.

The current NATSTATS 3-High report is also published in this web site once a week during active pitching seasons.

Pitchers should provide Tournament Directors with the following information when entering tournaments: First and Last Names, NHPA membership card number (for current year), category (Men, Women, Elder, Jr. Boy or Jr Girl) and their best estimate of their current 3-high ringer average.