NHPA Sanctioned Horseshoes

Name of Horseshoe Currently Made
American Yes
Breckenridge Ringer No
Cal-Flip Yes
Champion Series By Baden Sports No
Condor Yes
D & B No Calk No
Deadeye Clydesdale Yes
Deadeye EZ Grip Yes
Deadeye NT Yes
Deadeye Regular Yes
Diamond Double Ringer No
Diamond Super Ringer ( NHPA GRS ) Yes
Diamond Tournament ( NHPA GRS ) Yes
Dixon No
Dixon Victory No
Durham Double Lockon No
Durham Lockon I No
Durham Lockon II No
Eagle Yes
Easy Ringer No
Elmer Hohl Yes
Franklin Gilt No
Franklin Sports Shoe # 3216 No
Franklin Sports Shoe # 3219 No
Golden Horseshoe No
Gordon Yes
Gordon Gold No
Gordon Legend Yes
Gordon Multi Grip No
Gordon Spin-On No
Grabit Yes
Greeott Grabber No
Henton Supreme No
Henton V-Lok No
Hi Temp Stay On Yes
Hummer Yes
Imperial Classic No
Imperial MAXX No
Imperial Original No
Imperial Plus No
Imperial Steinfeldt No
Imperial Stinger No
Imperial Viper No
Lattore No
Lee Bronze No
M & M Yes
M & M Arrow Yes
M & M Flip Yes
Mr D Classic Yes
Mr D with ringer breaker Yes
Mr D without ringer breaker Yes
Ohio O No
Ohio Pro No
Patriot Yes
Patriot2 Yes
Pro Ringer No
Pro Star Yes
Python Yes
Regent Sports # 1 Shoe No
Regent Sports # 2 Shoe No
Regent Sports # 3 Shoe No
Reno No
Ringer No
Ringle Single No
Royal Yes
S.S. Hugger No
Shur Shot No
Simmons�XL Yes
Six Hix No
Six Pac No
Six Pac Sure Peg Yes
Six Pac Sure Pitch Yes
Six Pac Sure Point Yes
Spalding No
Star No
Steinfeldt (by Deadeye) No
Ted Allen Yes
Thoroughbred Alan Francis All-On Yes
Thoroughbred Alan Francis Bullseye Yes
Thoroughbred Alan Francis Legacy Yes
Thoroughbred Alan Francis Signature Yes
Thoroughbred Bandit Yes
Thoroughbred Big Foot Yes
Thoroughbred Brian Simmons Yes
Thoroughbred Bronco Pro-Flip Yes
Thoroughbred Challenger Yes
Thoroughbred Cobra Yes
Thoroughbred Elmore Yes
Thoroughbred Glory Yes
Thoroughbred Glory GXL Yes
Thoroughbred Imperial Yes
Thoroughbred Magnet No
Thoroughbred MAXX No
Thoroughbred Mustang Yes
Thoroughbred Pony No
Thoroughbred SideWinder No
Thoroughbred Six Shooter No
Thoroughbred Six Shooter Colt No
Thoroughbred Snyder E-Z Flip Yes
Thoroughbred Snyder E-Z Flip II Yes
Thoroughbred Snyder Flip-Grip Yes
Thoroughbred Snyder-Watson Yes
Thoroughbred Stinger Yes
Thoroughbred Tyson Swinger No
Thoroughbred Viper No
Thoroughbred Wave Yes
Too Dead No
Trident Yes
V&W No
Viking Yes
Warrior Yes
White House Gold No
Wonder No
Yankee Yes
Zinger ( Calhoun Foundry ) Yes
Cadet Yes
Competition Yes
M&M Special Smooth Yes
A-Mac Smooth Yes
Double Single Yes