Junior Scholorships

Sanctioned Club\League Junior Scholar Program Awards

The NHPA takes great pride in being able to offer young people a venue where they can participate in a sporting activity in which they can achieve world championship recognition. But the NHPA also recognizes the importance of achieving a good education. In order to promote success in the classroom, the NHPA has established the Sanctioned League Scholarship Program. This program is open to any NHPA Junior member that participates in a junior or adult sanctioned league and observes the 27 foot foul line. Awards are given annually and are based equally on both academics and league participation.

To be eligible for the scholarship, a junior must be in the 7th through the 12th grade in a Middle, Junior, or Senior high school. An equivalent home school may qualify. Juniors must also be between the ages of 12 through 18 the year they apply for a scholarship.

The junior must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale, 80% or higher on a 100% scale, or the equivalent of a “B” letter grade or higher. Honors class grades are also considered in grade point determination. His grade point must be maintained for an entire year.

All qualified applicants will be recognized as either a member of the NHPA Honor/Scholar Society or as a NHPA Scholar/Trust Fund Pitcher. Scholarship amounts are determined by the NHPA Council. Recognition includes a scholar certificate, a junior scholar patch, and the scholarship, if earned, which is held in trust until such time as the junior pitcher changes to the adult pitching category, applies for the funds before their 21st birthday, and has enrolled in some qualifying form of advanced training or education. All Scholarship/Honor Society winners will also be recognized and listed in the NHPA Newsline.

To apply for an NHPA scholarship, juniors must submit an application by December 31st of each year and all of the nessessary forms for the current school year. For example, a junior applying in the fall, would submit paperwork for the full previous school year. Also required is a copy of the pitcher’s birth certificate or other proof of age, and the official NHPA Scholarship Application which is available on the NHPA website under the league tab or this link.



$200.00 Caiden Hogue – Try Country Horseshoe Club       OH
$200.00 Leon Wolken – Capitol City Horseshoe League    MO
$100.00 Sadie Wolken – Capital City Horseshoe League    MO


$250.00 Quinn Ohms                         Cedar City, UT
$225.00 Leon Wolken                         Jefferson City, MO
$200.00 Audrey Caravello                 Merriam, KS
$175.00 Sophie Craven                      Kansas City, KS
$150.00 Ellyn Ohms                           Cedar City, UT
$125.00 Marshall Morgan                 Liberty, MO
$100.00 Zane Morgan                        Liberty, MO


$250.00 Taylor Coile                            Comer, GA
$200.00 Leon Wolken                          Jefferson City, MO
$175.00 Audrey Caravello                  Merriam, KS
$150.00 Sophie Craven                       Kansas City, KS
$125.00 Marshall Morgan                  Liberty, MO
$100.00 Zane Morgan                         Liberty, MO