World Tournament Participation


NHPA World Horseshoe Tournaments Participation Award Patch

The NHPA Officers approved a new World Participation Patch (Much like the Membership patch) to be awarded to those who have pitched in 10+,20+,30+,40+,50+,60+ World Tournaments. Lombard “Bart” Sargent from Massachusetts started compiling all NHPA World horseshoe pitchers from 1909 through 2003. His records were converted to an excel file for use on the NHPA website. Mel Yockstick and Jerry Smith added 2004 through 2020 along with new fields to enhance the records.

Your State or Province Secretary/Treasurer will be sent all patches for distribution.

Go to 10 Plus World Events to view top ranking World Tournament players.

The World Players list A-Z will show each pitcher’s years of participation. Scroll down to find your name. Please review your name, state and, results for any errors.

In the early years the World Tournaments qualifying rounds were used to fill Championship finals. If you missed the cut to move up and were sent home you are still eligible for the Participation Award. Some (World tournaments had preliminary classes for example (F1-Prelims) with an (F-Finals). An F1-Prelims class win was not considered as a class championship. Only the Finals class was designated as the Class Championship winner.)

Note: See NHPA website-World Tourn-WT Participation Page To View the year for your results in question.

Note: See NHPA website-World Tourn-WT Participation.
You can view the following Pages:
1, 10+ World Events page to review all players with 10+ years.
2, 10+ In-A-Row page for those with 10+ Consecutive World events.
(New award approved in 2016)

When reporting errors please give me as much information as you can. Also give your name, phone number and email address.
Contact: Stan Griggs
My email is:

World Tournament Results by all players:

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