NHPA Committee Members


Brian Poole – ID – Chair
Ronald Deckard – FL
Jerry Labrosse – MN
Clarence Lassiter – NC
Debby Michaud – MA
Dan Sanders – OH
Gail Sluys – N. CA

Sponsorship/Advertising-Promotion Committee

Brian Fisher – OH – Chair
Barb Carson – OH
Marlene Ray – TN
Brian Olson – UT-N

Membership/Publicity Committee

Laurie Lampkin – KY – Chair
Maxine Griffith – TN
Debby Michaud – MA
Phyllis Quist – WA


Jerry Smith – OH


Brian Poole – ID


Stan Griggs – MO

Minutes Approval

Varies each year/Appointed by the


Blaine Scott – UT-N

eShoe Administrator

Jim Kinney – MO

Hall of Fame Committee

Vicki Winston – MO – Chair
Rick Bermingham – N. CA
Ron Deckard – FL
Joan Elmore – TN
Stan Griggs  –  MO
Jerry Labrosse – MN
Amy Francis  – OH
Gary Roberts – OH
Mark Seibold – FL
Stuart Sipma – ND
Jerry Smith – OH
Paul Stewart – NC
Ron Weiss – PA
Walter Ray Williams Jr. – FL
Mel Yockstick – CO

Hall of Fame Committee Update!!!

The NHPA would like to announce a change in the Hall of Fame Committee. We were saddened with the passing of Hall of Fame Committee members Barry Chapelle – OR and Dave Loucks – N CA and are so appreciative of their many years of service.

Gary Roberts, NHPA President has announced the replacement members of the committee: Rick Bermingham – N. CA and Jerry Labrosse – MN. Congratulations to these very qualified new members of the HOF Committee.