Director of the Year

League Director of the Year
1984 James Klein Elk River,MN
1985 Dolores Zigrange Greater Hasten, TX
1986 Arthur Felgenhauer AVF Berwyn, IL
1987 Patrick OToole Sarosota, Bradenton, FL
1988 Susie Pritzlaff Goldendale, WI
1989 Bart Sargent St.Moritz, MA
1990 Joe B. Morgan Bradenton, FL
1991 Percy D. Howe Twin County, MA
1992 Robert C. Baker Mountaineer, WV
1993 Rosie Leyk Tri County, MN
1994 Richard Belcher Dan Patch, MN
1995 Dan Beshore New Cumberland, PA
1996 Glen Bale Cheyenne City, NE
1997 Beverly Forgues Sodbusters, VT
1998 Jane Smith Close Doesnt Count, WI
1999 Jim Atwell Burbank Joslyn, CA
2000 Rita Sarbaugh Try County Pitchers, OH
2001 Wayne Hinman Syracuse Pioneer, NY
2002 Pat Wemhoff Pawnee Ringers, NE
2003 Leon Pittman Kilkenny, MN
2004 Jim Shilling Classic City, IN
2005 Jeannie Manns Painesville, OH
2006 Ron Womack New Castle, IN
2007 Geri Macha Riverside, TX
2008 Leo Bratland Danville, IL
2009 Earl Paulson Beloit, WI
2010 Mel Yockstick Denver Metro, CO
2011 Rich Altis Quail Ridge, MO
2012 Gregg Craven Liberty, MO
2013 Meredith Kahrig Woodsfield, OH
2014 Jim Strain The Villages, FL
2015 Larry Purcell Cedar Rapids, IA
2016 Evelyn Zahorchak Front Royal, VA
2017 Marlys Timm Independence, MN
2018 Diana Ratliff Frederick, MD
2019 Larry Collette Wamego, KS