Past Officers of the NHPA

This organizational history is provided by these legends whose names appear elsewhere on this page; Art L. Headlough, Delano D. Cottrell, Bob Pence and Ottie W. Reno.

O.W. Anderson, first president of the Grand League of American Horseshoe Pitchers Association, Met on May 6th, 1914 in the court room of the first district court of Kansas City, Kansas with co-founders judge Walter W. Lacy, attorney Henry Mead and others to adopt a constitution, by-laws and rules governing all regular horseshoe pitching tournaments, and selection of officers. The Grand League ruled Kansas and Missouri. In 1920 the Grand League affiliated with and adopted the rules of the Ohio Buckeye Horseshoe Pitchers Association (OBHPA) and had participants in the 1920 world tournament.

The National League of Horseshoe and Quoit Pitchers, was formed by players from 29 states on Feb. 26th 1919. This was the brainchild of S.P.C. president Dr. E.C. Beach and Harry G. Haynes with the intention of a nationally recognized champion of each sport. C.M Hite of Ohio won the quoits championship in 1920, the first quoits tournament mentioned. This group was chartered in the state of Ohio on June 27th, 1921. This was formed to determine national champions only. This was an evolution of the Sunshine Pleasure Club (S.P.C.) which organized in 1909 with Samuel Clement of Pennsylvania being its first president.

Due to founding fathers, Art Headlough and Harry G. Haynes, the OBHPA on October 29th 1919 in Akron, OH was created to become the first state association. Other soon to be affiliated states were the MN HPA which began in the late fall of 1919, CA June 12th, NE July 30th, IA and WI all in 1920. The NHPA of the United States was created to form state associations. Each having officers and a recognized state champion as well as a national championship. The NHPA also created a women’s and junior champion. The NHPA was incorporated on May 10th, 1921 by Art Headlough at the office of the secretary of state in Columbus, OH.

A merger of these groups began at the 1921 summer world tournament in St. Paul, MN and was finalized on Feb. 26th, 1925 at the world tournament in Lake Worth, with a slight name change to NHPA of America being adopted.

O. W. ANDERSON, Kansas City, Kansas 1914
FRANK CRUMM, Independence, Missouri 1914
HENRY MEADE, Kansas City, Missouri 1915
HENRY HAYNES, Akron, Ohio 1919
WILLIAM WEIS, Akron, Ohio 1920
BEN LEIGHTON, Hibbing, Minnesota 1921
AL MICHLER, Lake Worth, Florida 1924
RALPH SPENCER, Picher, Oklahoma 1925
H. L. ERMATINGER, St. Petersburg, Florida 1926
ALEX CUMMING, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1933
L.E. TANNER, Anchor, Illinois 1935
LeROY PAGE, Des Moines, Iowa 1939
JACK CLAVES, St. Louis, Missouri 1940
HARRY WOODFIELD, Washington, D.C. 1941
ARLO HARRIS, Indianapolis, Indiana 1948
LOUIS DEAN, Pomona, California 1949
ARCH STOKES, Salt Lake City, Utah 1952
DALE DIXON, Des Moines, Iowa 1953
ARCH STOKES, Salt Lake City, Utah 1955
CLETUS CHAPELLE, Portland, Oregon 1957
ARCHIE GREGSON, Crestline, California 1958
REINHARD BACKER, Salt Lake City, Utah 1959
HAROLD CRAIG, Muncie, Indiana 1961
RALPH DYKES, Lombard, Illinois 1967
WALLY SHIPLEY, Orange County, California 1973
GLEN PORTT, Albany, Georgia 1983
DAVE LOUCKS, Grass Valley, California 1985
PAUL STEWART, Statesville, North Carolina 2004
STUART SIPMA, Bismarck, North Dakota 2010

WALTER TRAHERN, Kansas City, Missouri (Secretary) 1915
L.A. LILLY, Kansas City, Missouri (Treasurer) 1915
E.C. BEACH, St. Petersburg, Florida (Secretary) 1919
J.I. WARD, St. Petersburg, Florida (Treasurer) 1919
ART HEADLOUGH, Akron, Ohio 1920
RAYMOND HOWARD, London, Ohio (Secretary) 1921
ART HEADLOUGH, Akron, Ohio (Secretary) 1922
WILLIAM MORSE, Kansas City, Kansas (Treasurer) 1922
DELANO COTTRELL, North Coshocton, New York (Sec.) 1923
W.J. SEAS, St. Petersburg, Florida (Treasurer) 1923
BEN LEIGHTON, Hibbing, Minnesota (Secretary) 1924
RALPH SPENCER, Picher, Oklahoma (Treasurer) 1924
EDWARD M TWYNMAN, Akron, Ohio 1925
J.C. BEHLING, Athol Springs, New York(Secretary) 1926
RAYMOND HOWARD, London, Ohio 1933
LEE ROSE, Detroit, Michigan 1939
J. ROBERT TOMPKIN, Ames, Iowa (Secretary) 1940
KATIE GREGSON, Miami, Oklahoma (Treasurer) 1941
ARCHIE GREGSON, Miami, Oklahoma (Secretary) 1941
HARVEY CLEAR, Santa Cruz, California 1947
MARY JONES, Waukesha, Wisconsin (Treasurer) 1950
ARCHIE GREGSON, Crestline, California (Secretary) 1950
ELMER BELLER, Bellflower, California 1955
BOB PENCE, Gary, Indiana 1958
RAY WILLIAMS, Eureka, California 1971
DONNIE ROBERTS, Pike County, Ohio 1976
DICK HANSEN, Franksville, Wisconsin 1995
DAVID SIDLES, Omaha, NE 2015
JAMES KINNEY JR. , Dexter, MO 2019

NOTE: The office of Secretary-Treasurer was a combined
position some years and divided other years.

CHARLES MALOY, Kansas City, Missouri 1915
DR. FRANK ROBINSON, Poughkeepsie, New York 1919
FRED BRUST, Columbus, Ohio 1919
L. J. BYERS, Coldwater, Michigan 1919
JOSEPH BUCHHIET, Binford, North Dakota 1919
R.A. HARTON, Lansing, Michigan 1919
W.W. HENRY, St. Petersburg, Florida 1919
G.A. GLANT, Huntsville, Alabama 1919
HARVEY KRYDER, Akron, Ohio 1921
F.C. PARHAM, Fort Wayne, Indiana 1921
HOMER MARSH, Indianapolis, Indiana 1922
ALEX CUMMINGS, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1923
RAYMOND B. HOWARD, London, Ohio 1923
RALPH SPENCER, Picher, Oklahoma 1924
MRS. THOMAS HEENAN, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1924
DELANO COTTRELL, North Coshocton, New York 1926
L.E. TANNER, Anchor, Illinois 1933
REV. P.V. HARRIS, Holden, Massachusetts 1933
GLENN B. PORTER, Glendale, California 1933
DR. ALAN POTTLE, Dayton, Ohio 1935
L.R. BATES, Los Angeles, California 1935

ALVIN DAHLENE, Lawrence, Kansas 1935
SAM SOMERHALDER, Guide Rock, Nebraska 1939
JACK CLAVES, St. Louis, Missouri 1939
ANDY STOLARIK, Canton, Ohio 1940
CARL VON DER LACKEN, Tulsa, Oklahoma 1940
CLAYTON HENSON, Arlington, Virginia 1941
DALE DIXON, Des Moines, Iowa 1941
JOHN ROSSELETTE, Summit, New Jersey 1941
ARCH STOKES, Salt Lake City, Utah 1946
BRYON JASKULEK, New York City, New York 1948
IRWIN CARLBERG, Grand Rapids, Michigan 1948
GUY C. WERTZ, Waukesha, Wisconsin 1948
JAMES O’SHEA, Massachusetts 1947
LOUIS DEAN, Pomona, California 1948
JAMES O’SHEA, Massachusetts 1949
G. A. BERGER, Chatham, Utah 1949
WILLIAM McCLEARY, Murray, Utah 1949
MARIE KAMPSCHROEDER, Ottawa, Kansas 1949
ANDY MOEHN, Minnesota 1949
ADEN SWINEHAMMER, Aurora, Illinois 1950
JOHN LINDMEIER, Maywood, Illinois 1951
DALE DIXON, Des Moines, Iowa 1951
LEON HARMON, Salt Lake City, Utah 1952
CLETUS CHAPELLE, Portland, Oregon 1953
ANNA LINDQUIST, Morgantown, West Virginia 1953
CARL STEINFELDT, Rochester, New York 1954
ELOISE STANDARD, Canton, Illinois 1954
ELMER BELLER, Bellflower, California 1954
SAM SOMERHALDER, Minden, Nebraska 1955
GEORGE HART, New York City, New York 1955
RAY OHMS, Salt Lake City, Utah 1955
CLETUS CHAPELLE, Portland, Oregon 1956
DON TITCOMB, Los Gatos, California 1957
CURT DAY, Frankfort, Indiana 1957
PAUL ROSE, Salt Lake City, Utah 1957
ELMER BELLER, Bellflower, California 1958
MAURINE COOK, Salt Lake City, Utah 1958
HOWARD WHITE, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 1958
E.C. SWARINGEN, Springfield, Illinois 1959
OTTIE RENO, Pike County, Ohio 1959
PAUL FOCHT, Dayton, Ohio 1960
AMOS WHITAKER, Orange, Massachusetts 1960
MARY CRAIG, Muncie, Indiana 1960
JIM JOHNSON, Covington, Kentucky 1961
BEN TROLLEN, St. Paul, Minnesota 1961
VICKI WINSTON, LaMonte, Missouri 1961
GLEN SEBRING, Erie, Pennsylvania 1962
CLARK BELL, Covina, California 1962
LUCILLE HOPKINS, Ottumwa, Iowa 1962
LESTER GEORGIANA, Chesterfield, New Hampshire 1963
WILL GULLICKSON, Moorhead, Minnesota 1966
JOE ABBOTT, Erie, Pennsylvania 1967
JIM KNISLEY, Bremen, Ohio 1967
GERALD SCHNEIDER, Rosemead, California 1968
RUTH HANGEN, Buffalo, New York 1968
HAL HANANIA, Middlesex, New Jersey 1969
LEO McGrath, Cincinnati, Ohio 1969
WALLY SHIPLEY, Alhambra, California 1970
CINDY DEAN, McGaheysville, Virginia 1970
RAY WILLIAMS, Eureka, California 1971
JOHN RADEMACHER, Plant City, Florida 1972
EARL WINSTON, LaMonte, Missouri 1972
DOROTHY PINCH, Sharon, Pennsylvania 1972
BONNIE SEIBOLD, Huntington, Indiana 1978
NORMAN GASEAU, Clearwater, Florida 1981
VINCE YANNETTI, Bound Brook, New Jersey 1983
BARRY CHAPELLE, Portland, Oregon 1984
GENE VAN SANT, Sun City, California 1985
MARY VAN SANT, Sun City, California 1988
BEVERLY BORN, Shattuck, Oklahoma 1989
GARY MINNICK, Flagstaff, Arizona 1989
DICK HANSEN, Franksville, Wisconsin 1993
CASEY SLUYS, Santa Rosa, California 1994
PAUL STEWART, Statesville, North Carolina 1996
ALLEN BAPTIST, Eagle, Colorado 2000
LORRAINE STERNBERG, Richfield, Wisconsin 2000
STUART SIPMA, Bismarck, North Dakota 2004
DAN SANDERS, Powell, OH 2005
JERRY LABROSSE, Greenfield, MN 2007
TINA HAWKINS, Marlow, OK 2009
DEBBY MICHAUD, Taunton, MA 2010
DAVID SIDLES, Omaha, NE 2012
BILL MARVIN, Mechanicsburg, IL 2014
JERRY SMITH, Nampa, ID 2015
GARY ROBERTS, Beaver, OH 2016

COYCE ALLEN, Little Elm, TX 2017
ROB HAGMAN, Anoka, MN 2018
LAURIE LAMPKIN, Bloomfield, KY 2018
BRIAN POOLE, Pocatello, ID 2020

BARBARA CARSON, El Mirage, AZ 2021