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  1. Scott Phillips says:

    You have a tournament name wrong. The Winter Haven Tournament is not the Winter Haven Auto Auction. It should be the Winter Haven “County Auto Auction”. Please correct this for our sponsor.

  2. Barry Gentle says:

    I am trying to find out what days I would pitch. I’m pitching seniors 40 ft. at the tournament in Winnemucca. Trying to reserve a room for the week I will be pitching.

  3. Barry Gentle says:

    I am trying to log in, forgot my password when I try to create a new one the site keeps blocking me from doing it.
    The reason I am trying to contact NHPA is that I would like to know the days I will pitch, Not the time, the days, so I am able to reserve a room. Is there a schedule for the estimated days a person will pitch. I will pitch seniors 40 ft.

    • ringergirl says:

      The Trading Cards are now available to purchase. During the install process we ran into some programing issues with the program on the main webpage. This has now been fixed. Please go the NHPA website at Scroll to the center of the page just above the Winnemucca link and click on the trading card link to make your purchase. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Happy Shopping!

      Laurie Lampkin
      NHPA -2nd VP

  4. John Germann says:

    Hi; was wondering if anyone knows the production numbers for the Imperial Horseshoe from 1967. I understand this was the first official year for sales and the shoe can be identified by the word patented on the toe calk. I recently attended an auction and uncovered 2 pairs of these with very little use (original paint still present) anyone still pitch the actual originals and what value may they have? Thanks.

    • Anthony says:

      Awesome find definitely not made like that anymore- those are drop forged current models are all cast. Often those would not pass in check in at world tournaments and the rear of shoe would be ground down. Very prone to breakage if pitched too much. Love those shoes broke 70 percent the first tournament I used them. Hard tempered versions bounced too much and were blue, red ones were dead soft with hardend points.

      • Anthony says:

        The patented stamped imperials would likely be the mold that was used until a year or two after nhpa started checking shoe lengths and dimensions at world tournaments. Shortly after this Clyde Martz changed the mold and I believe the pantented stamp was removed – around early nineties time period. The newer model was as good but just a nudge shorter in legnth to past inspection. Later the brand was sold out by Martz to someone and then to White distributors and changed to a cast shoe. The new ones are a nice cast version which makes the blade thicker not wider but many old timers find this change difficult to adjust to – they turn slower in my opinion, but it’s a very good shoe indeed and almost never bur but aren’t quite the same. As for value I sold 3 brand new pair of dropped forged original dead soft imperials for 290.00 on eBay about 10years ago. My guess is yours with the even older patented stamp are easily over 100.00 a pair to the right person. Wish I kept mine.

  5. Keith Schafer says:

    Is there a way to delete a person off the entry list in HSMaster for a tournament? I have a pre-registered tournament and one of my entries has to back out due to injury.

  6. Larry Fouche says:

    Wondering if there is a limit of how many have to be signed up to qualify to have the world tournament.I am an elder at percentage around 17% so I usually play the first three days

  7. Ed Brown says:

    Can anyone confirm if the individual classes are pitching in the World Tournament in Louisiana in the same order as they did during the Texas World Tournament. We are planning a road trip and I pitch in the Mens age 60+ time frame. We would like to do a 10 day road trip and need to know when we should arrive in Monroe for my pitching class. Thanks!

    • Jim Kinney Jr says:

      Ed, the only change is the Elders G1, G2, H1, H2, I1, I2 are moving to the 8:00 am shift. The Men in the first week are moving to the later shifts. If you want to contact me please email me.

  8. Dan Slaysman says:

    Question on rule. Cancellation scoring when a ringer is covered by opponent’s ringer do they cancel “each other” out or does top (second) ringer score 3 points. Rule 6A1. states top shoe cancels first shoe but doesn’t say both are dead. 6A 1a states cancelled shoe has (0) value live shoe has value of (3). yet rule 6A 1b 1 refers to 2 cancelled ringers with NO live ringers. Does a ringer cancel other ringers and keep 3 point value or are they a wash?
    Thank you for the opportunity to clear this up for our players.

    • Pat Snelgrove says:

      Dan – after 2 months, i’d have thought you would have gotten a response by now…
      cancellation scoring..your ringer and opponent’s ringer both on the pin – cancel each other out. no score for either.
      IF there’s a 3rd ringer on the pin, THAT one scores 3 points.
      if there’s 4 ringers on the pin – 2 of yours, 2 of opponents – they all cancel each other. no score for any of them.

      Hope that helps. Pat

  9. Michaud Michaud says:

    Would like to present the new idea that we switch the pitching times at the World Tournament. It is almost depressing to watch a Finals game and note that there are VERY few spectators. I believe that we could greatly increase that number of spectators by holding the Championship classes the first week so that the lower % and newer players coming in for the second week could actually WATCH the finals. Natstats has changed the possibility of pitching the first week and qualifying for the finals. We now need to HIGHLIGHT our best pitchers, have them there for the Opening ceremonies and for the Press, and then have them pitching in front of hundreds (I wish thousands) of fans. I will write to the NHPA officers about this. But I DO think that we need to move forward in a BIG way – this is one way to do that.

    • Anthony says:

      Been saying this exact statement for years! Also tournaments in my state and surrounding states have lost all luster, comradrie and appeal, due to this same cookie cutter world tournament format. The other huge issue with world format is top group 16 man qualifying classes the men and women top three 16 groups should not be put into groups of 16 in straight percentage order. This is very unfair to the guys and gals in the top section of 16 who get barely beat out of the final championship 16 from someone in 2nd 3rd section of 16, because the top group is throwing on top of way more ringers, going second more often and losing more ringers. The top 48 women and men should play the first week of world tournament still spilt into groups of 16 but staggered to create equal percentages amongst all three groups. The championship 16 should be pulled only from these 48 players from 3 16 man qualifying groups equally staggered in percentage. On the fourth day of pitching the championship men and women groups should start the finals. Most press and coverage shows up the very first week, this is the time to get the public press and other lower percentage players more involved as spectators. Horseshoe pitching looks absolutely enemic and dead by the second week and frankly any changes now are likely 20 years too late.

    • Jim Kinney Jr says:

      We have extended the deadline for the entries due to the corona 19 virus. The tournament schedule will be out by the 17th of June. I can give you an approximate day if you contact me with your full name and card number.

  10. Pinoy says:

    Watch Video of DragonTail in action :

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