2023 World Horseshoe Pitching Championships

July 17th – July 29th Lansing Michigan

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Online entry deadline is May 15th, 2023

All Entries must be on this signed form and mailed with a postmark no later than May 15th, 2023.  You may enter at anytime prior to May 15th, 2023. Entries received with a postmark after May 15th shall be put on a waiting list and entered into the tournament only as space is available.

All adults must have pitched in a minimum of four (4) US/Canadian sanctioned  events in the twelve (12) months prior to May 15th, 2023, in the same division you are entering. Only one (1) event is required for Juniors. Exceptions for US Armed Forces members and family and foreign competitors (other than Canadians) are outlined in Rule 11, Sec D.1 of the RGS Book. Contact NHPA for more information regarding qualifying exceptions. All averages used will be the average on record in eShoe/ CANSTATS as of May 15th, 2023. Anyone qualifying under an exception must have those scores recorded by the same date. All NHPA and any special tournament rules apply. Please see note regarding refunds.


Any adult male pitching from the full distance platform may enter the OPEN MEN’S DIVISION regardless of age, just as any adult female may enter the OPEN WOMEN’S DIVISION. To enter the SENIOR DIVISION, you must be 60 years of age or older before the end of 2023. Any man that turns 65 years of age in 2023, is older than 65, or has an approved medical exemption may enter the ELDER MEN’S DIVISION. Entrants in the JUNIOR BOY and JUNIOR GIRL DIVISION must be 18 years old or less for the entire 2023 calendar year. CADET
BOY AND CADET GIRL DIVISION entrants must be 12 years old or younger for the entire 2023 calendar year.

Note # 1. 30ft Men with Medical Exemptions must be in eShoe as exempt to pitch in this division.

Note # 2. For class play, a minimum of 48 must enter this division or it will be canceled. All entrants will then pitch in the Open Preliminaries.

Note # 3 Junior Boys & Junior Girls divisions will be mixed for preliminary play. Cadet Boys & Cadet Girls divisions will be mixed for Preliminary
play.  The pitching schedule will be finalized by May 20th, 2022
and published on the NHPA website. If you indicated above to receive the schedule by mail, it will be mailed to the address you have listed
above during the second week in June.

Please note: The NHPA reserves the right to disallow your participation for any of the following reasons; any errors on this form, if your records don’t appear in eShoe or CanStats, any false or misleading information on this form, if the NHPA cannot verify through its established procedure the validity of any Medical Exemption, or for any other reason by majority vote of the NHPA Council. The NHPA also reserves the
right to add qualified entrants and to make class participant changes after the deadline. No pitcher will be moved from class time or division, without notification, after final schedule has been published.

The pitching schedule will be finalized by June 12th and published on the NHPA website. If you indicated above to receive the schedule by mail,
it will be mailed to the address you have listed above after the schedule is finalized.

Entry Fee is as follows.

U.S. Adults — $135.00,     All Juniors and Cadets — $25.00

Non-US Adults — $138.00

Entry fee includes scorekeeper and judging.

No refunds will be made after May 19th 2023.

$15 processing  fee will apply to all refunds except in the case the event is cancelled.

PARTICIPANTS LIABILITY RELEASE: In consideration of participating in such activity, I hereby waive, release and forever discharge the National
Horseshoe Pitchers Association, all officers, employees, agents and servants of the afore stated organization, and all fellow participants of this event, for
any and all action, cause of action, damage, loss or injury, which I may suffer as a consequence of participating in the World Horseshoe Pitching Tournament.
In addition it is understood that the NHPA has sole rights to any and all pictures and/or articles for publication.