published January – February 2017


Tournament Patch Distribution Under Way

by Bill Marvin, 5th Vice President and Regional Director and Court Sanctioning Director


Welcome to 2017!!  Last year was certainly one for the books.  No longer will my Cub fan friends have to say wait till next year.  As a lifelong St. Louis Cardinal fan, I tried to explain to them what it felt like to back a World Champion team and always came up a little short.  Now they have had that experience, ending 108 years of frustration.  There were many other high lights in 2016, and they will be topics of discussion for years to come.


As NHPA 5th Vice President, one of my assigned duties is to ensure that the Regional Directors receive the tournament patches for their charter.  This process is well under way and I have been able to send over 8500 patches to the RDs, and am confident that the rest will be out of my office in the next couple of weeks.  When you attend a local tournament, be sure and thank your local tournament director.  These folks work very hard to hold these events.  Ask them if they need any help preparing courts, keeping score, any of a multitude of tasks that may go unnoticed but are necessary for successful events.


Deanna and I would like to wish each and every one a joyous and successful new year and we hope to see you in St. George.


Easy does it.