published January Ė February 2017


Poem: The Horseshoe Pitchers Prayer

by Carl Terrell, Kentucky Horseshoe Pitchers Association


Lord, as I lay me down to sleep tonight

I donít know what to say.

I have been throwing horseshoes all year long

††††††††††† Just waiting for this day.

Why I even drove a thousand miles

††††††††††† And paid my entre free,

And collected all the lucky pieces I could find

††††††††††† I need lots of luck you see.


Why, Lord, I have more horseshoes on my wall

††††††††††† Than a blacksmith storage room.

I have more rabbitsí feet in my house

††††††††††† Than Crockett or Daniel Boone.

I have picked so many four-leaf clovers

††††††††††† My fingers have turned sore.

But nothing I do brings me any luck.

††††††††††† Iím still lousy as before.


It seems I canít trust lucky pieces anymore

††††††††††† I hope I can count on You.

And I hope my prayer is not too late,

††††††††††† I need a miracle or two.

I know thatís asking quite a lot

††††††††††† Because Iím really not that good,

And Iím a long way from an angel

††††††††††† I havenít done all the things I should.


I know not what tomorrow may bring

††††††††††† But itís time to pay my due.

You know I have waited all year long.

††††††††††† My waiting is almost through.

Lord, I donít have much money,

††††††††††† But I still have my soul.

Thatís why Iím throwing horseshoes,

††††††††††† Because I canít play golf or bowl.


And tomorrow before I take my place

††††††††††† And look around my station.

I see people of every color and race

††††††††††† And people of other nations.

There are people of every sex and age

††††††††††† From young to very old.

Makes me proud to be† a part of

††††††††††† A tradition that all can hold.


So tomorrow as I prepare to throw

††††††††††† And gladly take my turn,

If I bounce off or miss the stake

††††††††††† I will know itís all in fun.

And Lord if by chance I throw a double

††††††††††† I will not lose control,

For I know whatís coming up next

††††††††††† I will miss six in a row.

Well, Lord, I guess thatís all I can ask.

††††††††††† Just help me not to whine.

Now that you have done your part,

††††††††††† Just help me to do mine.

Just help me to do my very best,

††††††††††† And do good in my class.

And do it with the proper attitude

††††††††††† If I take first or last.