published January – February 2017


Special Thank You to Our Donors

by Casey Sluys, President, National Horseshoe Pitchers Foundation


We express our sincere thanks to the following that have donated.

Donating $10-$95:

Charles M. Bunner, WV

Raymond L. Hall, NY

Lawrence & Mary Figueria, OR (in memory of Joe Graffis)


Donating $100-$225:

Luella Cave, MN

Bob Dunn, MN (AAU Book Sale Income)

Iowa Hawkeye HPA, IA


Donating $500-$600:

David & Carla Sidles, NE

City of Bronson, KS (Repayment of Grant)


Bricks Purchased By:

Tim & Jan Gilmore, LA

Robert & Cynthia Ware, MO

Robert Holden, MO

New Hampshire HPA


Other Income:

NHPA                                       $550 Rent (National Sanction League Tournament)

NHPA Game Related Sales     $250 Rent

Museum Donation Box           $152.12