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published January-February Issue 2016


Seeking Nominations for National Awards: Achievement and Hall of Fame

by Stu Sipma, NHPA President


Each year the NHPA recognizes members for their contributions to the NHPA, their charter, and/or local club. The Council is asking all charters to provide a list of individuals who you believe would be good candidates to receive an NHPA Achievement Award. These awards will be presented at the 2016 World Tournament in Montgomery, Alabama. To obtain a form, visit the link.


The NHPA is also looking for your assistance in pinpointing candidates who you believe would qualify for the NHPA Hall of Fame.


Candidates for this prestigious award must have been an NHPA member for at least 10 years and may qualify based on their distinguished, outstanding performances in World Tournament Championship play, or as a person who has made significant and beneficial contributions to the NHPA.


Deadline for submitting nominations for 2016 Hall of Fame voting is January 31. Donít wait until the last minute, as the Hall of Fame Screening Committee has to approve the nomination before that person is placed on the ballot. If you donít have enough time to provide sufficient information for a nominee for the 2016 voting, then take your time and do the job properly and send the nomination in later to be considered for the 2017 voting. Nominations for this award should be submitted to our NHPA Hall of Fame Director Vicki Winston and the form is available at the link.