Leo McGrath, Ohio

Awarded 1969

Leo McGrath Recipient of Stokes Award
"Leo McGrath, the genial and sharp witted Irishman from Cincinnati, Ohio, received the Arch Stokes Memorial Award given annually to the individual who has contributed the most to the game of horseshoe during the current year.

Leo serves as President of the large and active Ohio Buckeye State Association, a post he has held for many years. He helps the many big tournaments in Ohio, including the big Ringer Classic at Greenville. Leo is also active during the wintertime in Florida tournaments and lends his aid in many of Indiana tournaments.

He has also served as judge and referee in the World Tournament annually for a number of years, a delicate post in which he is extremely competent.

This year Leo was elected to the post of 1st Vice-president of the NHPA for a two year term."