Lee Davis, Florida

Awarded 1983

Lee Davis died during the 1983 World Tournament, so his Stokes Award announcement became NHPA President Glen Portt's farewell note...

A Farwell to Lee Davis
"Lee Davis is dead... dead of a heart attack on August 9th... two days after receiving the coveted Stokes Award… the final honor the NHPA could bestow.

Through more than 50 years of service, Lee walked tall. He contributed his time and effort for the betterment of the organization he loved so well. He received every honor possible. Among them, his election to the National Horseshoe Pitcher's Hall of Fame.

Lee Davis is gone.

So say goodbye… Say goodbye to one of the finest men who ever walked across the horseshoe courts of American. Say goodbye to the thousands of hours he so freely gave you. The song is done. The music has stopped. Lee Davis gave you his heart."