Herb Okeson, Washington

Awarded 1974

Herb Okeson of Washington
Receives Stokes Award
(Resume sent in by Ellis West)

"He is presenting working with the County Park Board, trying to promote 24 courts in a new county park, so we can extend an invitation for the World Tournament.
If you visit his home, you would see why he is such a dedicated man to horseshoes. He has an office that reeks horseshoes. He has supplies for anybody who wants the goods available at all times. He attends every tournament and takes all the supplies with him.

As Secretary of the Washington State Horseshoe Pitchers' association, he constantly thinks and lives horseshoes. He also has the support of his lovely wife and young son.

Through his constant effort and contacts, he has built our state membership up to lead the United States. He never lets an opportunity pass to sign a new member, and be available to show him or her how to pitch horseshoes the proper way.

Through his and the State President's work, the constitution and By-laws of the State of Washington were revised and adopted after three meetings of a planning committee.

He made arrangements through our trophy maker to get the trophies for the World Tournament, which was held in Eureka, California in 1973.

He was instrumental in starting the Hall of Fame for the State of Washington. He designed and helped make the Hall of Fame plaque for the National."