Harold Cook, Florida

Awarded 1973

There was no announcement in the News digest, but Harold "Sarge" Cook was inducted into the Florida Hall of Fame in 1993. This is a bio from source.

"Harold Cook was born July 16, 1921 in Lynn, Massachusetts, joined the Army in 1938, serving in China, Philippines, and Hawaii, being at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese attack on December 7, 1941. Retired from the Army with disability on March 2, 1962 in grade of First Sergeant.

Sarge started pitching horseshoes at age 12 in his home town of Lynn, MA going through his junior years undefeated in his age group. He eventually joined the North Shore League in Mass., pitching in the men's division. During his entire tour of duty with the Army, Sarge promoted horseshoe pitching. He eventually became Pacific Area Champion with a ringer percentage of 80%, pitching with his left hand. He was severely wounded while in the Army which left his pitching arm useless. He was awarded the Purple Heart with two clusters. Being determined to continue his love of horseshoe, he started pitching with his right hand.

Shortly after retirement, Sarge moved to Seminole, Florida, installed horseshoe courts in his backyard and continued to enjoy the game with his friends. In 1967, Sarge was elected President of the Florida State Horseshoe Pitchers' Association and became the first Editor of the Florida Horseshoe News. He held these two jobs until 1975.

While serving as State President, Sarge assisted in setting up many horseshoe clubs in Florida and was instrumental in convincing the city of Seminole to establish 8 horseshoe courts.