Dan Sanders, OH

Awarded 2014

Dan Sanders started his career when he received a set of Diamond Double Ringers at the age of 10. He continued to pitch horseshoes with his dad until he moved to Columbus, OH to attend OSU, where he visited one of the City Parks one night in 1968 to hear the 'clank' of horseshoes hitting the stake. It was at that time, he joined the league and has been a member of the Whetstone Horseshoe Club ever since.

At the National level, he served on the rules rewrite committee where he was in charge of doing all the draft write-ups for the committee to approve. He currently serves on the NHPA Council as the 1st VP in charge of the Rules and By-Laws. Dan was instrumental in establishing the guidelines for the medical exemption form, which by the way is currently being used today by all the Charters.

Since his election to NHPA Executive Council in 2006, he has written over 50 articles for the NHPA Newsline Magazine, which have been both informational and challenging to our Newsline subscribers.