AL ZADROGA, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania

Inducted 1981

Player: Albert Zadroga of Elizabeth, Pennsylvania, was born November 4, 1915, started pitching horseshoes in 1927.  He won his first tournament at age 15.  He left the sport for several years but returned later and went on to win 7 State Titles: 1962, 1965, 1969, 1972, 1975,1976, 1980.  Al qualified for the Men’s Championship Class at 20 World Tournaments, winning 414 games and a career average of 76.41% ringers.  He was the high qualifier in 1975 with 551 points and again in 1979 with 558 points.  He tied for second place at the 1978 World Tournament with a 29-6 record and ended in 4th place on ringer average, he averaged 76.3%.  Al was part of the historic 1964 World Tournament and placed 8th, winning 26 games, losing 9 and averaging 81.0%