EARL WINSTON, LaMonte, Missouri

Inducted 1988

Player/Organizer: Earl Winston was born in 1927 and inherited a love for the sport from his father and grandfather. He was pitching horseshoe by age 10 and had joined the NHPA in 1941. Earl attended his first World Tournament in1951 and attended over 50 consecutive World tournaments. Earl qualified for the Men's Championship Class nine times. He earned 81 wins in those nine events and his high average was in 1963, when he averaged 71.6% ringers. He was Missouri State Champion in 1955. Earl will always be remembered for his devotion and service to our sport. Earl was the Missouri Association President for 26 six years and resigned that position when he became an NHPA officer. He served as 3rd Vice-President for 11 years and then as 1st Vice-President for the next 17 years. He served the NHPA in many capacities but his work as head of the Hall of fame Committee is the highlight of his career. During his years in that capacity he made a annual trek to Des Moines Iowa to attended the Iowa State Fair and their large State and Open Tournament. A NHPA Hall of Fame display was set each year and was stored by the Fair Grounds for the next year. This attention set the stage for Earl to accumulate countless documents and a couple hundred pitching shoes in anticipation of some a NHPA Hall of Fame Museum would be realized. He collected and was preserving our history decades before our October 2007 Grand Opening.