JIM WEEKS, Norwalk, California

Inducted 1982

Player: In Southern California, James Weeks is affectionately known as “Mr. Secretary-Treasurer.”  For over forty years Jim has been the viable force in that area.  He began his career of horseshoe pitching in 1928 with the Los Angeles City League.  In 1952, Jim became a friend of the late Elmer Beller who convinced him to join the NHPA. 


Jim was a club officer, past President of the Southern California State Association and elected Secretary-Treasurer in the mid-1950’s and held that position for 32 years.  He was a great statistician.  He served on the NHPA Hall of Fame Committee. 


Weeks won the California State Championship in 1959.  Jim averaged over 70% ringers and qualified for four World Tournament Men’s Championship Classes, winning 92 games, and averaging 71.9%.  His best finish was in 1959, placing 10th on a 24-11 record and pitching 73.5%.  Jim passed away January 15, 1989, at 72 years of age.