Inducted 2007

Promoter-Organizer: Don Weaver was born June 6, 1927, in Nevada and enjoyed a career in law enforcement.  He retired in 1981 and was the only NHPA member in the Las Vegas area, so he started a new club and supervised the construction of 9 sanctioned courts.  He served as club President through 2002.  In 1983 he was appointed Regional Director.  Don will be remembered for hosting 13 Las Vegas indoor tournaments at the Hacienda Hotel and Casino.  There was a total of 16 tournaments held in Las Vegas.  Don purchased and equipped a 20-foot trailer with two 4’ x 8’ bulletin boards, 24 scoring devices and 24 portable courts and a public address system, then became a traveling tournament director throughout Nevada and neighboring states.  For several years he was a key worker at World Tournaments.  Don was recipient of the Stokes Memorial Award in 1997.