CARL VON DER LANCKEN, Panama City, Florida

Inducted 1977

Organizer: Carl von der Lancken promoted the sport of horseshoes all over the United States for over 50 fifty years.  In the mid-twenties he organized the 500 member Chautauqua, New York Club. 


He then moved to Oklahoma and became President of the Tulsa, Oklahoma Club and later was the first Secretary for the state association and developed the official State Tournament. 


He moved back to New York and won the 1938 New York City Championship.  Carl continued to work with other areas like projects in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Long Island, NY.  Carl performed pitching exhibitions in England, France, and Spain. 


Carl was elected NHPA Vice President in 1941and was elected New York State Association President in 1967.  He served as Chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee from 1969 to 1971.  Carl passed away June 24, 1993, at age 83.