FLOYD TOOLE, Little Rock, Arkansas

Inducted 1981

Player: Floyd Toole of Little Rock, Arkansas was born December 30, 1917.  He was Arkansas State Champion from 1953 through 1957.  During all these state meets he did not lose a game.  He was the A.A.U. Champion in 1954 and 1957 and was runner-up in 1955 and 1956.  Floyd was voted the Outstanding Athlete of the state of Arkansas in 1954. 


In World Tournament competition, he finished in the top ten eight times.  Floyd qualified 13 times for the Men’s Championship Class, winning 267 games and having a career ringer average of 77.27%.  He was in the longest 50-point games ever played (1961), pitching 178 shoes and averaging 86% losing to Paul Focht of Ohio 50-48 (that record was eclipsed in 1965).  In 1965 he pitched four consecutive games of over 90% and ended up in a second-place tie and dropped to 3rd on ringer average, pitching 84.5%.  In 1964, Floyd was part of the Greatest World Tournament, placing 7th, pitching 82.0% and having a 28-7 record.  He also had a string of 62 consecutive ringers, which is still the second longest string on record.  Floyd passed away June 11, 1994, at age 76.