DON TITCOMB, San Jose, California

Inducted 1977

Player: Don Titcomb's competitive career began in 1942 at the age of 18, when he entered the California State Tournament and finished in the runner-up position (2nd to Guy Zimmerman). He went on to win 8 California championships. Don's first World Tournament came in 1947, he qualified for the Men's Championship Class and finished 17th. At the 1953 World Tournament, Don finished third behind Ted Allen and Fernando Isais, with a 31 and 4 record. At the 1955 World Tournament, Don finished in second place behind Ted Allen and one game ahead of Isais in the semi-finals, but dropped to 4th place after a four player three game play-off. In 1957, Don tie Ted Allen for first place on 12-1 records but lost the title in a playoff. He averaged 87.0% in the semi-finals and 86.0 % in the finals. At the 1958 meet, Titcomb finished 3rd again behind Allen and Isais, In 1960, he accomplished his biggest feat in winning the world championship at Muncie, Indiana, pitching an 84.9% tournament. In all, Don qualified 19 times for the Men's Championship Class, winning 466 games averaging 77.71 for his career. Don Titcomb was the Senior Men's World Champion in 1995 and in 1988 went undefeated in winning the Intermediate Men's World Championship.

As Don Titcomb was inducted to the Hall of Fame as a pitcher, he could have qualified also for his promotional efforts. He served the NHPA as a vice president, was the initiating force in establishing the NHPA Regional Director program and served as one of the initial Regional Directors (1955). He will also be remembered for his tireless efforts in promoting out sport with his pitching exhibitions and his conducting of his "Pitch and Win" promotions. Don Titcomb was recipient of the 1991 Stokes Memorial Award.