PAUL STEWART, Statesville, North Carolina

Inducted 2004

Player -Organizer: Paul Stewart is a good horseshoe pitcher from Statesville, North Carolina and became a fixture in the Senior Men’s Championship Class, but never won the crown.  That is where the famed “Stewlies” group originated and with Burly at the helm, the group grew into a large benevolent group to support folks in their times of trouble.  Paul has been a strong promoter in the North Carolina area and continues to head up one of the nation’s largest open events – The Dogwood Festival.   Paul was first elected as NHPA Vice President in 1996 and served in that capacity for eight years.  His contributions include the modernization of the NHPA computer use and website.  Paul Stewart will be remembered as the fellow who had to follow the legendary 19-year term of Dave Loucks.  A difficult task, but Paul picked up the ball and gracefully lead the NHPA on its path.  The construction of the Hall of Fame Museum and Pitching Arena had started, and the Grand Opening was held October 5th, 2007, during his 6-year administration.  Paul received the Presidential Award 1998 in and was recipient of the Stokes Memorial Award in 2002.