ROY E. SMITH, Michigan

Inducted 2018

Roy E. Smith (Michigan) Historic Era Player: Roy is known as one of the best pitchers to have ever came out of the Michigan Charter. He won 13 State championships. He pitched in 14 World tournaments starting in the era of qualifying by pitching 200 shoes which could be very hard do as there is no room for a below average run. He did go on to make the Championship round five times starting in 1965 when he averaged 75.64%. His best year was 1969 when he finished 5th with an average of 79.22%. That year Roy had three straight game of 89% or better including a 90% game. Roy seemed to struggle in the 200-shoe qualifier and often pitched in the "B" group where he often had higher averages than several of the Championship group at the completion of the tournament. In actual games, he was a fierce competitor always giving his best. Roy was inducted into the Michigan HOF in 1972.