Stuart Sipma, North Dakota

Inducted 2021

Promoter/Organizer: Stu has been very active in Bismarck’s horseshoe organization serving in many leadership roles including President and Board of Directors.  He is a strong recruiter of new pitchers and was instrumental in bringing the World Tournament to Bishop in 2000.  He was the overall coordinator of the WT which was very successful.  In 2003 he became the NHPA 5th VP and worked with the Rules and By-Laws committees helping to update and change both documents.  Stu became the NHPA President in 2010 and remained there till 2021.  Under his leadership, the NHPA progressed in many ways some of which include, adopting HSMaster as the official Stat program, the implement of electronic scoring at the WT using HSScorekeeper, introduction of cameras making parts of the WT visible on the NHPA webpage, updating the webpage, and the introduction and implementation of the powerful software eShoe.  The eShoe program has brought the NHPA into the modern era of both membership and stat tracking.  Stu received NHPA Stokes Memorial Award in 2008 and was inducted into North Dakota’s HOF in 2003.