Inducted 2020

Player: Ronnie Simmons (California) Player: Ronnie was a lifetime member of the NHPA and pitched at the championship level at the charter level as well as at World Tournaments. He won the California State Championship twice while pitching 79.5% in 1974 and 82.0% in 1981. He placed second an amazing 11 times against some of the most talented pitchers in the country. Ronnie pitched in the WT 16 times averaging 75% for his career. He holds wins over nine different former world champions which shows the level of competition that he faced. His high game was 91.5% and he pitched games routinely in the 80s. Ronnie was elected to the Southern California Hall of Fame in 1979 and participated in a horseshoe pitching marathon in 1983 where the group pitched for 200 straight hours. Ronnie was the featured pitcher. Ronnie passed away in 2011.