BOB PENCE, Lafayette, Indiana

Inducted 1969

Promoter/Organizer: Bob Pence was born 12/7/1909, and became possessed with an undying love for the game of horseshoes. He was an incredible promoter of the sport, a prolific writer of articles of interest to horseshoe pitching and travel thousands of miles each year in his efforts in boosting his favorite sport. Bob was a good pitcher, with better than a 70% ringer average, pitched in his first tournament in 1927 and joined the NHPA in 1929.

Bob was Secretary of the Indiana Association for five or six years before being elected Secretary-Treasurer of the National Association in 1958 a position he held for 24 years. Under his administration several improvements were implemented: Classes C & D were added to the Men's division, the Women's division was expanded to include B & C, a Junior Girls division was begun in 1967, the Senior Men's division was implemented and the Intermediate Men's division, the World Tournament was rotated around the country for recruiting more members, Game Related Sales was initiated and NHPA benefited with increased revenue, championship patches and recognition awards were instituted, and the Hall of Fame was established in 1965. Bob Pence was awarded the Arch Stokes Memorial Award in 1961. Bob Pence passed away May 18, 2002.