PUTT MOSSMAN, Iowa & Missouri

Inducted 1967

Player: Orin “Putt” Mossman, Eldora, Iowa, won his first state title in 1924, defeating World Champion Frank Jackson in so doing.  He won the 1924 summer World’s title, while at the age of 18, and repeated in 1925, winning 55 games while losing just 2 games.  In 1927 he pioneered hooks on pitching shoes and received a patent for his design.  To this day, the Mossman horseshoe is one of the most sought-after shoes by collectors.  Mossman is probably the most colorful character ever to win a world championship.  He pitched semi-pro baseball in New York, tried out with the Boston Braves, was a world champion in high kicking, starred in motion pictures, fought main events on Des Moines boxing cards and held countless pitching exhibitions throughout the United States.  He made three trips around the world, staging horseshoe pitching and motorcycle exhibitions.