Inducted 1971

Organizer: Leland Mortenson of Des Moines, Iowa, became connected with the game and the NHPA back in 1921 and soon made his mark as a promoter, organizer, and director of big tournaments.  He also became the recognized historian of the game in the early years and his articles and writings have enabled the organization to keep track of events of the early years, which would have otherwise been lost.  For years he conducted the tournaments at the large Iowa State Fair and when the NHPA was unable to hold official World Tournaments in the years 1936 through 1939, he organized, promoted, and conducted the annual Midwest National in Des Moines.  These tournaments were in every respect true World Tournaments except for the official sanction.  The events provided a focus and prestige for the game, which was vitally necessary and enabled the National Association to continue.  Leland passed away October 15, 1978, at age 72.