DEBORAH MICHAUD, Raynham, Massachusetts

Inducted 1990

Player: Deborah “Debby” Michaud born December 21, 1946, began pitching organized horseshoes in 1970 “To get out of the house.”  She became aware that the 1974 World Tournament would be held in Keene, NH and was introduced to the NHPA.  She placed 5th in the Women’s Championship Class at that tournament while pitching 63.8%.  She won the Women’s World Championship in 1977.  That championship didn’t come easy, Debby lost the final game 49-50 to Hall of Famer Ruth Hangen, which caused a playoff between the two, which was won by Debbie in three games.  Another world title come to be in 1985, as Debby pitched 80.6% and had a 10-1 record.  She has achieved 209 wins in World Tournament competition.  In 2010, Debbie was elected an NHPA VP.