RAY MARTIN, Philo, Illinois

Inducted 1980

Player: Ray Martin of Philo, Illinois will always be known for the longest World Tournament game ever played.  His opponent was fellow Hall of Fame pitcher Red Henton of Iowa and they played at the 1965 World Tournament.  The 50-point game lasted 194 shoes, 63 four-deads, 316 cancelled ringers, Martin had 174 ringers for 89.7% as Henton had 175 ringers for 90.2%.  Martin missed only 3 of his final 34 shoes but Henton still won the game 52-49. 


Ray was born in 1928 and by age 15 was winning county championships.  He was Illinois State Champion five times.  Ray tied for 2nd place with a 32-3 record at the 1967 World Tournament, only to end up 3rd on 81.0% average.  He qualified for the Men’s Championship Class 12 times, winning 297 games and had a career average of 80.35%.