RALPH MADDOX, Poca, West Virginia

Inducted 1980

Player: Ralph Maddox was born October 23, 1922 and won his first Virginia State Championship in 1934, while still age 12. Ralph is the youngest player to ever win a state championship ever. He went on to win 36 state championships and was a member of the WVHPA for 69 years. Ralph qualified for the Men's World Tournament Championship Class 21 times, winning 411 games and a career average of 77.57 % ringers. His high finish was in 1961, he placed 3rd on a 30-5 record and an 80.9% ringers average. Ralph was one of the 13 famed 80% pitchers in the 1964 World Tournament, he placed 9th on 25-10 record, while pitching 83.5% ringers. Ralph passed away November 13, 2007.