KURT WHALEY, South Dakota

Inducted 2023

Promoter/Organizer: Kurt Whaley has probably impacted our sport as much as any person in our entire history. Kurt, of course, is the author of HSMaster, HSScorekeeper, and eShoe. In the late 90s, Kurt was Secretary/Treasurer of the South Dakota charter and was running many tournaments. As a professional computer programmer, he wrote himself software to ease his horseshoe jobs and out of that came HSMaster. In the next 20 years, Kurt revised and updated HSMaster some 232 times, wrote HSScorekeeper enabling us to move into electronic scorekeeping, and proposed, wrote, and implemented eShoe. HSMaster is now fully integrated with eShoe making membership and national averages easy to update and track. Kurt was inducted into the South Dakota HOF in 2004.