WILBUR KABEL, New Madison, Ohio

Inducted 1979

Player: Wilbur Kabel of New Madison, Ohio started pitching in 1927 at age 15.  Wilbur did not play in a league until he joined the Industrial Horseshoe League in 1956.  He pitched in his first World Tournament in 1960 and won Class B with 75.9% average and won Class B again in 1971, pitching 78.4%.   Wilber qualified for the Men’s Championship Class 17 times, winning 319 games and had a career ringer average of 76.89%.  His best finish was in 1973 as he finished in 4th place pitching 80.1% ringers and winning 25 of 35 games.  He had five other top ten finishes.  Wilbur won the Ohio State Championship five times and was runner-up or third nine times behind fellow Hall of Famer pitchers, Paul Focht and Harold Reno.