BYRON JASKULEK, New York City, New York

Inducted 1983

Organizer: Bryon Jaskulek of New York was one of the state’s most enthusiastic horseshoe pitching promoters.  He began to take an interest in the sport in 1940 when he retired from government service.  He was a member of the Inwood Club of New York City and became active in several posts with both the state and national associations.  At many national tournaments he arranged playing schedules and score-keeping procedures.  Bryon was one of the first to seek sponsorship of horseshoe pitching matches by corporations.  Perhaps the first TV exhibition ever held was arranged by Bryon featuring Vito Fileccia.  He will be particularly remembered for filling the gap nationally when a journal was needed after the old Horseshoe World magazine ceased operations.  In 1948 he started editing and publishing “The Horseshoe Pitcher.”  Articles and news events including local scores were included from all over the United States.  The magazine was run on a non-profit basis.