SANDY McLACHLIN (JANSSENS), Wallaceburg, Ontario

Inducted 2001

Player: Sandy McLachlin entered the World of horseshoe pitching in a way that would make a great Hollywood script.  She had won the Junior Girl’s World Championship in 1986 at age 15, then passed on her remaining Junior eligibility to enter the Women’s competition hoping to win the Women’s title in story book fashion.  She ended up tied for first place with Diane Cantin, who had beat Sandy in the final game of the round robin.  Cantin had one loss with an 88.1% ringer average.  Sandy had one loss with an 88.2% average, a new world’s record.  Sandy won in a playoff game.  She continued to be a strong contender and through 2008 had 15 appearances in the Women’s Championship Class, with 161 wins and three 2nd place finishes.