LEE JACOBS, Plymouth, Michigan

Inducted 1984

Organizer-Player: Lee Jacobs was born February 24, 1906, began pitching horseshoes at age 14.  Lee pitched in his first tournament in his hometown of Cincinnati, then moved to Michigan.  He won the Michigan State Championship in 1933, 1934, 1944 and 1955.  In 1944, Lee also won the National A.A.U. Championship. 


He entered his first World Tournament in 1927 and participated in 24 World Tournaments.  At the 1927 meet, he placed 22nd and average 42.1%.  At the1928 Winter National Meet, he placed 25th, pitching 40.1% and in 1940, he pitched 74.0% to place 16th. 


He served the NHPA in many capacities.  As national Secretary in 1939, he published the Horseshoe Compendium (under the name Lee Rose), that publication presented a historic view of horseshoe pitching across the nation at that time.  He sang the National Anthem to open several World Tournaments.  In 1946, he bought the Lattore horseshoe company and continued their production well into the 1940’s.  Lee passed away July 23, 1998, at age 92.