Inducted 1982

Organizer: Art Headlough was born in 1884 and passed away in 1944.  He was National Secretary in the formative years of the NHPA.  He represents the early golden years of the World Tournaments during the great winter meets held in St. Petersburg, FL.  Art managed to persuade Akron to hold a summer meet at Akron in 1920. 


In 1920, Art wrote “The Official Horseshoe Guide and Blueprint.  This was the earliest assembled horseshoe pitching history and include the draft of new rules which became the initial set of rules for the NHPA.  There remains only one original copy of that publication.  Headlough incorporated the National Horseshoe Pitchers’ Association in the state of Ohio on May 21, 1921.  This truly makes him the founding father of the NHPA.  Art also originated the first magazine in 1922 entitled “Barnyard Golf.”