RUTH HANGEN, Getzville, New York

Inducted 1975

Player: Ruth Hangen of Getzville, New York, won the Women's World Championship four times in consecutive years from 1970 through 1973 and won a fifth championship in 1976. During the four-year stretch, Ruth posted four perfect 7-0 records, for a combined 28-0 record, while never losing a game. The 1976 championship was won on a 6-1 record and in a 3 game playoff with Lorraine Thomas..

Ruth appeared on several national TV shows, including the popular "What's My Line". She also served a NHPA Vice President, elected in 1968 and later served six years as chair of the NHPA Hall of Fame Committee. Ruth Hangen passed away March 27, 2003 at age 86.