PAUL FOCHT, Dayton, Ohio

Inducted 1975

Player: Paul Focht of Dayton, Ohio, began his pitching career in 1924, under the tutelage of his father. During his career he won the Ohio State title 3 times and was runner-up 11 times. He won the World's Championship in 1962 with a ringer average of 81.8%. Paul qualified for the Men's Championship Class16 times from 1957 -1975, winning 385 games ( 70.5% of games played) and had a career ringer average of 78.05%. Eleven times Paul finished in the top ten. Paul won the 1976 Intermediate Men's Championsip in a three-way play-off, averaging 74.9%. Paul Focht passed away July 3, 2000 at age 89.