EMMA FOCHT, Dayton, Ohio

Inducted 1983

Organizer: Emma Focht of Dayton, Ohio was one of the outstanding personalities in Ohio and perhaps the entire NHPA.  She began her career in horseshoes in 1946 when she and her husband Paul attended their first State Tournament.  In the three years following, 1947-1949, she was Ohio Assistant State Statistician and from 1950-1970 was the State Statistician.  She also served as Ohio State Secretary for 18 years.  She was the first one to use a calculator during a tournament in Ohio and ran a calculator at the World Tournament from 1960-1969.  She developed a percentage book starting with 20 shoes to 130 shoes, 50% and up.  She is also responsible for making a percentage book starting with 20 shoes up to 800 shoes.