Joseph Faron II, New Melle, MO

Inducted 2011

Promoter/Organizer: Joe has done many outstanding things for the sport of horseshoe pitching and for the Missouri charter. He was instrumental in the formation of the New Melle Horseshoe Club and by promoting more sanctioned events on the eastern side of Missouri, helped to grow the Missouri charter into the largest charter in the country at one time. Joe and two friends designed and sold the first Six Pac Horseshoes, before selling the company to Harvey Wobbe. Then served as a Tournament Director for 16 Six-Pac Invitational Horseshoe Tournaments. He was chosen to be a director of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Foundation. He personally transported Earl and Vicki Winston and all of their Hall of Fame memorabilia to the first Hall of Fame building in Joelton, TN. Later, when the untimely death of Jack Freeman ended the establishment of the Hall of Fame in Joelton, Joe was instrumental in finding a new site in St. Charles County in Missouri. He attended countless meetings and helped to bring about an agreement that was almost unbelievable. Joe worked continuously to see that the new Hall of Fame would be something of which the NHPA could be proud. When the time came to move things from Joelton to Missouri, Joe was again involved in making several trips to bring things back to Missouri to be placed or used in the new Hall of Fame Museum and Court Complex. The New Melle Horseshoe Club, which he helped establish, became the Quail Ridge Horseshoe Club and became caretakers of the new facility. Joe continues to work constantly at the facility, often greeting visitors and giving tours. He also often uses his woodworking skills to add to or enhance the facility. Because of his accomplishments on the charter level, Joe was inducted into the Missouri Charter Hall of Fame in 1999. In 2006 the NHPA presented him with the Arch Stokes Award.