HARRY DUNCAN, Denver, Colorado

Inducted 1992

Promoter/Organizer: The nomination for Mr. Duncan was written by Ted Allen in 1977. No greater testimonial than that, but even more important, a trusted attestation of the work of Harry Duncan. Harry was a business partner of Ted's as the Ted Allen shoe was developed and put on the market. Duncan actually ran the business as Ted was on the road putting on his pitching exhibitions and shows.

Allen gave full credit to Duncan as developing the first tournament round robin schedules in the 1920's, even though other notables have been credited with that accomplishment. The schedules were for both singles and doubles play and were printed up in small booklets and marketed across the country.

Duncan's major accomplishment was to draft out the NHPA stamp program of the 1930's. The stamp program served as a shoe sanctioning process. Manufacturers purchased stamps from the NHPA, affixed a stamp to each pair of shoe sold, thus that shoe was then considered "official." The NHPA was to use the funds in conducting World Tournaments. Duncan provided the concept, Allen made the proposal and the membership approved the 2 cents stamp. This was Ted Allen attesting to the fact that it was Duncan's idea and plan. As he explained, at a later convention John Gordon proposed the stamp be 5 cents. That was approved and from then on Gordon was credited for the stamp program.

Harry Duncan served as Colorado Association Secretary-Treasurer from 1927-1931 and then served as state association president for 4 more years (1932-1935. In 1945 he was again elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Colorado group.

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