JOE DUBIE, Georgia

Inducted 1987

Player-Organizer: Joe Dubie got his start in horseshoes in Butte, Montana and was Montana State Champion 1925-1935 except for one year.  In 1935, he moved to Peoria, Illinois and was active in that region for the next five years.  In 1940, Joe qualified for the Men’s Championship Class and place 17th at the World Tournament in Des Moines.  He moved to Georgia in 1941 and over the next several years accomplished a lot with his promoting of the sport and by 1965 had formed the North Georgia Horseshoe Club and served as its President.  In 1967 he became Georgia first official State Champion at the age of 81.  At the 1971 World Tournament he received special recognition as being the oldest participant, he was then 85.