Inducted 2020

Player: Debra Brown (Vermont) Player: Debra joined the NHPA in 1980 as a member of the Sodbusters Horseshoe Club. She immediately began her assent up the pitching ranks as well as getting involved by holding many offices of the club. She is currently the President. She is also a Charter Officer and has the duty of overseeing the Junior Program. In 1982 she was selected as the “New England, Most Improved Pitcher.” She entered her first WT in1983 at Statesville and won her class pitching 47.50%. She did not return to the WT until 2008 and during her long absence she continued to get better and came back as a champion class pitcher. Debra pitched in the WT eight more times making the Championship Class each time. She was now pitching consistently in the 70% and higher range. Her last next six WTs she finished no lower that 4 th with two 3 rd places, two runners-ups and finally a World Championship in 2015. She also won three Class A preliminary rounds and is 20 th on the all-time wins list. Debra is a 16-time Vermont State Champion and eight time New England Champion. She is also in both the Vermont and New England Hall of Fames.